Review: BlendBee

The other day I got a lovely packet of tea from BlendBee. BlendBee was started in 2013 by owner Jamah Dacus. If you haven’t heard of this website I recommend you check it out now by clicking here. The unique concept about BlendBee is that you can blend your own tea but for those who don’t fancy this they have their own blends too. What I really loved about this site was when I was blending my own tea I put in the comment section what I was trying to accomplish and I got some very helpful recommendations back! So if you are not sure what goes with what, don’t worry you’ll get a helping hand if you ask for it. Okay so now to taste it…

Om Sweet Om

This was a pre made yerba mate tea blend. This blend smelt pleasantly earthy and it tasted sweet. When drinking I could really taste the orange and licorice root. This tea really lived up to its name and I found it soothing and revitalizing.

Orbital Oolong

This was my first own blend. I think this blend would taste good with a dash of milk too so I might try that at a later date. It had the nutty and sweet flavor I was going for and the suggestion of the Stevia by Jamah was a good choice!

Big Bang Berry

This was my second own blend and was probably my favorite out of my own two blends. I could really smell the hibiscus and taste the apple and strawberry. I found this green tea to be really refreshing.

I really loved the idea of blending you own tea, it’s something you don’t see a lot. BlendBee also uses very high quality and mostly organic ingredients and you can really tell. Don’t forget to visit the website!

Drink On!

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